90 Day Private Mentorship

For the determined woman of faith who craves a lifestyle of freedom while serving others with her gifts.

This premium private coaching program was carefully designed for the woman who is ready to create her own online business.


If you don’t have faith, you’ll struggle in business.
When you have undeniable faith you see everything you ever wanted come to existence.

You taking action is key.
When you take the action step that is you stepping into your full on faith mode.





I use my undeniable, unshaken faith added with the word of God combined with the power of prayer and my marketing experience to help you create and build your online business.

When you truly accept you are destined for more because God has a bigger plan for your life,
that’s when you know it times to take action into your faith.


Before you go creating an online and successful business, it’s vital that you have faith in God and in a higher plan that is not entirely your own.

I believe your unique life story is meant to be told and you were born to do and create incredible things.




You are the only person in this world who has your God given story, and your personal life experience.

I have found that once you surrender and step into full faith-mode, you will achieve all great things, in all areas of your life.

You become fulfilled. You realize that you really can live a life of freedom while making a difference in the world.

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”
Matthew 6:33

tracy wren

How the Program Works


We each have our own unique story, God given purpose and life mission.
This program is set up with a step-by-step action plan for you to reach your desired result;
to have an online business that provides you with a life of freedom.

Your private 1-1 mentorship comes with an exclusive back-end client portal where you’ll access all of your trainings, materials and resources in addition to our weekly coaching sessions.

You will have lifetime access to the back-end portal.


“And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”

Matthew 21:22


To give you an “idea” of the 90-day private mentorship, here are few details on what you can expect to be covered:

First, we start with understanding how to start a business with a solid faith foundation.
Next, will get clear on the type of business you want to create.
Then we move onto creating your online business that you can use as a tool to serve others while glorifying God.


My 90-Day Private Mentorship Includes:

Weekly Private 1-1 Coaching
Weekly 60minute video sessions held over Zoom recorded for your reference. Notes are taken for you to review, reflect and take action.

Priority Email Access
I care that you feel encouraged and supported the entire way. You receive unlimited email support. If a question arises between sessions, you’ll be fully supported. I’ll respond to any questions you have within 24 hours.

Exclusive Client Portal:
You’ll have lifetime access to the private client portal along with my personal toolbox with all the trainings, resources, scripts, and templates that I use to run my own business.


“I found Tracy online while I was at a point in my life where I was questioning my faith who I was 

as a person. I didn’t know what to do with my life. I hit a breaking 

point and quit my 6-figure job with no plan.

From the moment I messaged Tracy, she started helping me with my faith mindset- just as a friend. I knew I had to have her as my coach. Her values honored what 

I was looking for in a coach. She made me feel safe and her faith mindset is strong. 

I never ran a business. I was scared and overwhelmed. Tracy not only lifted me out of my funky 

places, but she gave me faith and kept my focus on Gods bigger plan for my life.

Tracy Wren’s faith coaching gets real results. My awareness has grown tremendously since having Tracy as my life and business coach. My faith gave me the full confidence in the Lord to start my own online business with Tracy’s loving and wise expertise.

Because of my strengthened faith – I have 4 women I have been working with for the last few months prior to getting my new business website launched and I am beyond satisfied to have hired Tracy as my coach to help me create and build a successful business, all while keeping God the focus. It’s an ongoing blessing to be working with Tracy. She’s right by you every step of the way. 

If you are looking for a successful Christ Centered Business Coach who uses her online business experience, faith and the power of prayer to help you build your business or uplevel your business then Tracy Wren is the Coach for you.” – Jesus Gypsy, with Coach Renee




In this module, I have a set of surveys, self-assessments that include personality traits and a spiritual gifts test to identify your God-given gifts (if you don’t already know them.) As your mentor, it’s vital for me to know you to help encourage you to use your gifts in your business for your clients so you can best serve them. Goal setting workbook included.


Faith Foundation — We are here to serve others, not ourselves. When you adjust the way your mindset is wired to serve others over yourself great things come to fruition. Creating an undeniable faith mindset is key to laying down a faith foundation before creating and building an online business that will be a success to you along with the many others that God has called you here to serve. Entrepreneurial Faith workbook included.


Your Testimony– In this module, you will craft a compelling story your audience will love and you’ll learn how to stand out with your mission. A good business story has the same impact as a personal life one. You attract attention. You stand out. You have the attention of your audience, and pull them closer to you because they can relate.


The People Who Need You– In this module we will unlock who you’re here to serve, your ideal client.  To create an effective marketing plan you have to know who your ideal client is – all the way down to the nitty gritty details. The fastest method to getting clients is to have all of your marketing catered to a narrow niche and target at YOUR ideal client.


Your Signature/Core Offering– In this module we will develop a signature solution for your ideal client. We will cover the ground work for you to create your main (signature offer) and other services for your ideal client. This module is where your idea turns into a paying program, course or other online service. Program creation at it’s core.


Implementation– This module covers your on-boarding practices for your new clients. You will learn how to set up your clients and how to deliver your program/course/other offer, welcome materials and resources along with all of the “How to’s”.


Craft your Irresistible Opt-In Offer (Freebie) — In this module, you’ll learn a proven strategy for generating leads in exchange for a freebie that your ideal clients need from you right now. We break down the struggles and pain points that you can address when creating something of great value to offer to those seeking your expertise. I teach you how to create your freebie and how to deliver it using your email marketing system.


Build Your Brand — In this module we will discover your branding style, the over look and feel of your online presence/ how you want to be marketed and positioned to your ideal clients. This will be your brand colors, fonts, logo and streamlined look for all of your online marketing and social media outlets.


Create a Captivating Website — In this module we dive deep into the basics of website creation and building a website that coverts viewers into paying clients. You’ll learn the key elements in which a website needs to have in order to appeal to YOUR ideal client.


Feel Good Sales — In this module you gain an understanding of sales that feel right both to you and your audience. Sales that come from a place of high integrity don’t feel like sales. You’ll have insight of the like, know and trust concept in online digital marketing along with proven strategies that work, organically. (Non-paid ADS) Call scripts and templates included.


Strategy — In this module we’ll develop a customized marketing strategy for launching your new online business using organic (non-paid) tried true methods to get you a paying client now. You’ll learn to tweak and make adjustments to refine your offering, freebie after analyzing data from your soft launch.


SEO — In this module you’ll gain the knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and how it applies to your online business and why it’s important to have and use. You will be taught how to leverage SEO to show up on Google and rank higher on the web with your blog posts and content.


SocialMedia Mega Growth — This modules covers your social media outlets, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. How to set them up for your business, how to schedule posts, create content that is authentic and how to build a following online, authentically.


Get Exposure– In this module we will go over a simple method for you to get fast online exposure using Podcast interviews and guest blog posting. You’ll learn how to get in front of your ideal clients and show up with your powerful message and offer.


Landing Pages– In this module, you’ll learn how to create a landing page with copy (content) that is targeted to your ideal client with an irresistible call-to-action. We will put together a full funnel using your landing page to sell your program, course or other online service.


On Screen tutorial videos will be added to the resources page for you to reference as you need them. When you’re stuck, as you need tech help, a video will be added for you to learn the how’s.






Your Bonuses:

  • Client getting strategies report specifically designed for faith-centered entrepreneurs
  • Access to my training – How to Jumpstart your faith-centered business($350 value)
  • Templates, sales scripts, on screen tutorial videos
  • Pricing and sales guide ($150 value)
  • Discover your God given purpose guide
  • Getting your first set of testimonials/praise/love for online credibility ($150 value)
  • Instagram growth strategy template – YOURS FREE ($150 value)
  • Leverage your best lead sources – Guide ($150 value)

Zero interest payment plans are available
with deposit.




Strengthening your faith to get you to freedom. Prayer. How to pray, the difference between prayer and visualization/manifestation. Allowing to work with the Holy Spirit and release the gremlins of fear.


A strong faith foundation should be first addressed and be worked on daily to be equipped with Biblical leadership for your life and or business. A solid faith foundation will help keep you strong during times where the enemy may be trying to attack and put a pause on your growth.


Boldy claiming who God has called you to be and learn how to use it as your niche (speciality).


Writing and speaking out what your mission is here in life and why you’re here to serve these particular people. How will it change their life and why is this so important to you?


Time management + clearing space to hold space for your purpose/dream business. Effective goal setting strategies; both personal and business.


Coaches are co-equals with their clients. My coaching meets you where you are and helps you move forward. Life coaching is a ministry designed to give hope and help to those who need help getting unstuck to move forward. Together, we will discover biblical truths and learn to apply them in your specific life circumstance to find more purpose in the work you do and the life you live.


Your overall look and feel on your online presence. Implementing your uniqueness into your business to make it your own.


What you offer, how you offer it and making sense of it all. Your what/how? Your title, your services/how you help these people. Email marketing, social media marketing, and SEO.



Together we will brainstorm, develop and implement your unique programs/services so that you stand out to who you’re here to serve. We will go over the layout, outline, investment and promotional ideas.



Networking – How to network, where to network, how to connect and the most fun part, actually connecting. Website launch strategy. Your business set up work. All of the Q’s and hows. Your first organic promotion. Creating an unforgettable online presence.


You will learn and understand how the power of prayer will lead you to confidently claim your calling. Together, we pray before our sessions and prayer in between sessions as needed.


We’ll put in place an action plan to help you keep reaching your goals even after our time together is completed so that you’ll know the next steps you need to take for continued success.








“Working with Tracy has been an absolute game changer for my life and business. Tracy is a woman of GREAT faith, peace, and freedom. There are truly no words to accurately describe the fundamental mindset shift that comes from working with a coach with unshakable, undeniable faith, such as Tracy Wren.

She is carried by faith in life and business and has taught (and shown) me that
faith a foundation makes success in life and business inevitable. This is not magic or some secret formula. It’s smart marketing with faith. 

Knowing that you WILL be cared for. Surrendering doubt and fear. Taking fearless action toward your goals. Believing with GREAT confidence.

How would your life be different if these things came easily to you? Faith is the answer, and Tracy knows her stuff! This is her gift and zone of genius.

Tracy’s gracious guidance has strengthened my faith entirely and has shaped by business and life forever. Faith is now the firm foundation of how I live and work and what a blessing it is to share this.

I have been forever blessed by choosing Tracy as my mentor and coach.”

-Kailagh Kankaras, Freedom Strategist


Your Faith to Freedom Strategy Session

This call is reserved for those seeking a lifestyle of freedom by building an online business that serves others. 

This call will help us get to know one another to see if we would be a good fit to work together.

Program specially designed with prayers, faith, and passion.



Tracy Wren is a God-centered mother, wife, and strives to live a natural hippie life. She is also a Christian Business mentor that coaches’ women in building online businesses starting with a solid faith foundation. She is the founder of MyHippieLifeCoach.com.

She works with faith-centered female entrepreneurs to strengthen their faith to build an online business. Tracy supports women at various stages of their business who share a common goal – to be bold enough in their faith to build an online business.

From new-age spiritual coach to Christian Business Mentor, Tracy was led to salvation through her first grief experience when her best friends passing led her to Jesus. Since October 2017, Tracy risked it all and re-branded to a Christian-based business and God has been providing every step of the way.