False Spiritual Life and Business Coaches – Be cautious

More and more I see “Faith-based” business coaches come to the virtual world of online marketing, yet there’s confusion around this term (Faith-based) because Faith can have multiple meanings and be used by the new-age “spiritual coaches.”

Entrepreneurs, when you’re claiming that you’re a Faith-based coach/mentor, make it clear to your audience what that terms means to YOU.

To those searching for a Christian Life and Business Coach, do a thorough check to identify that Coach’s integrity. Do they accept money in exchange for dishonoring our Lord? Meaning, are they writing content that’s deceiving masses of people and leading them astray from the ONE true God? Are they leading you to have a relationship with God?

God showed me that there are FALSE Faith-based coaches that take money from new-age “spiritual guides” in exchange for their services.

This tells all. I was once blind but now I see. I’m no longer deceived and I will honor our one true God by bringing awareness to these false Faith-based coaches.

Their God, isn’t the one true God of Jacob, Issac and Abraham.

Check your coach before you hire your coach.

I can tell you I have many and ongoing weekly consults with women who are disappointed by their new coaches teachings. Their beliefs don’t match and they are stuck in a contract.

If you’re not sure what to look for when hiring a Faith and or Christian Life and Business Coach, I made a simple check list below to help you identify what you should look for before making your investment.

1. Does the coach your looking at use the name Jesus in his/her copy? Look to see what kind of posts are being published on their blog and their social media channels. Not all coaches who love Jesus advertise publicly about it due to fear. So one must ask themselves when seeking for a Christian or Faith-based coach, do you want a coach who holds back their faith in Jesus? This will be a personal decision.

2. Check who their working for and with. Look at their testimonials. I came across a copywriter and “Faith-based” business coach who had a testimonial from a new-age witchy, yes witchy coach. The testimony read, “I loved working with (Faith-based coach name goes here,) she wrote all of my copy and before I knew it, I made 20,000k in sales.” So I ventured to this website to check out her content, and I fell off my office chair. I’m not kidding. The back of my office chair broke completely off. I was stunned by what I read. This Faith-based coach writes content for new-agers and is okay with the exchange in money for her service while deceiving masses of people. I wanted to cry, but instead I prayed for them both and was inspired to write this post.

3. Ask them where they direct their faith. Do they rely solely on themselves? Do they credit God and Jesus? Another good question I found when scouting for a new coach was asking them what “God” meant to them verses “The Universe.” We’ve all seen the new-age content being pushed about the universe having our backs, but let’s be clear here. We each know our beautiful Universe has a grand and great Creator.

Christian Business Coach

With more and more false teachers rising and coming to the online world, we must remain vigilant. We should always test the spirit of the coach. Ask God to give you discernment when searching for someone to work with. Pray for clarity and ongoing direction when scouting for your Faith and or Christian Coach.

Do you have any other tips to help our readers when searching for a Christian Life and Business Coach? Post them in comments below.

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