3 things I learned while saving $7,233 for breast implants

3 Things I Learned While Saving $7,233 for Breast Implants 1Bigger breasts. Getting breast implants was one of my main goals to accomplish before my 30th birthday. Crazy thinking, I know but hear me out. I grew up with scoliosis and ended up getting a major spinal surgery to correct my spinal curvature that stunted my growth, and left me with a large scar. That’s when my low self esteem began. I was made fun of for how I walked and how I would sit. It took YEARS to get the mobility that I have now. I am very straight. My posture is excellent and I have no choice because I physically and literally can not slouch.

I’m petite, small frame and have small breasts. I always thought that getting breast implants would boost my confidence.

3 Things I Learned While Saving $7,233 for Breast Implants 2Naturally, I am a goal smasher. I’m big on goals and have always reached my goals! I knew I would be able to save up for the breast augmentation, and that I did – an entire $7,233!

After three pregnancies and being bombarded with women all over social media with big perfect breasts, I was convinced even more so that I needed to have them.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve continued to save for my breast surgery. The savings took a bit longer to complete due to tapping into the fund while I was on maternity leave and then again when my husband had unexpected heart failure. We had a rough 2016 however, there were some life changing “AH HA” moments throughout that year. Here are 3 of my best realizations in 2016.

3 Things I Learned While Saving $7,233 for Breast Implants 31. My third and last pregnancy, I decided I was going to breast feed my son. It was one of the best life decisions I’ve made.
Breastfeeding did not come naturally to me. It took commitment and a full 2 weeks to adjust. During the time that I would feed my son, I would stare at this little alien and became so intrigued on the thought that my body, my breasts, were sustaining his LIFE. I began to have love for my breasts like I’ve never experienced before. I realized how powerful my body is. I realized how strong and miraculous my body is.

2. After seeing and feeling SEVEN THOUSAND dollars, the thought of handing all of this to a doctor in exchange for bigger boobs seemed outrageous! I asked myself several times, is this really how I want to spend this mini fortune that I saved? Was the risk really worth it? Was my confidence this low that I would spend THOUSANDS of dollars on something that lasted only a few years? For me, I could not validate the expense. My heart no longer wanted bigger breasts. I now loved my itty bitty milk makers.

3. After my husband experienced heart failure I became determined to find a way to replace his income. He works 3rd shift as a painter, and it’s killing him. It’s killing his body, mind and spirit. He became my main motivation for this new journey. My new journey of charging for my life and business coaching. I’ve always been a coach, but I’ve never had the confidence that I’ve needed to pursue a legitimate business- that was until this new year.

I decided this money was going to be for two things that would benefit OUR own families future. To start my own coaching business helping other Moms find and live their life missions, AND plan an overdue 10 year honeymoon.

2017 became a year of confidence. I know my worth. I will no longer question myself or allow fear to rule my world.

My mindset game is strong.

And now I’m planning for a vacation to Hawaii while serving a handful of amazing clients.

Goodbye boob goal, hello successful business goal!


With love,

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3 comments on “3 things I learned while saving $7,233 for breast implants

  1. Good job mom I really loved your inspiration and deep thoughts about your goals and if they were a need or want in life, I think that you made the right decision. I cant wait for the trip to Hawii. I also really loved that family photo.

    love you always,

  2. Oh my God, your story is so amazing. I have 2 gorgeous kids and breast implants which I adore. I completely agree that people have to change their priorities as soon as they see the opportunity but I couldn`t do that. Indeed, I have spent a lot of money on my breasts but I`ve travelled to Singapore. There are plenty of countries where you can have breast implants cheaper. I was really glad that Dr Samuel was my doctor and if in the future I have to choose I will choose him again.

    • Thanks, Leeela. The cost of breast implants were the least of my concern when deciding if the surgery is what I needed for my own personal growth in confidence. I found confidence in my faith through the Lord which transformed how I saw my temple, my precious flesh. Blessings to you!

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