Meet Tracy


I’m a Proud Christian Business & Life Coach. I’m married 10 years, Mama to 3 blessings. Guided by God from new-age spirituality to Christianity.

Creating honorable online businesses that serve others, while also honoring God is my speciality. I’ve been in marketing space for 7 years and my faith has been rooted strongly for decades, however it wasn’t rooted in Christ until 2017. I’ve been an entrepreneur for many years of my life but it wasn’t until early 2017 that I decided to create my own online business after working with hundreds of other online business owners.

Before that and right after college, I worked for Sylvia Lafair; an award-winning Author, Public Speaker and Leadership Development Coach who was featured on the Today show. I didn’t realize at the time, but this was the start of my entrepreneurial pursuits. These early years were highly instructional and served as the foundation of my professional life as a Faith- centered business owner without me knowing it. (Thank you, Lord. I see how you worked in my life, yet again!)

I then went on to work for a high-level earnings entrepreneur who did business her way and not for God. She was a mentor of mine until I found out how some business decisions were made. I resigned after almost 5 years of working side by side with her. The lessons and relationships I made during that time were remarkable. The business owners who I coached regularly was motivating because seeing them implement and get results became thrilling. My marketing career became more of a coaching career to serve them in ways beyond marketing. Money soon became less important although now I see that money comes when we put our trust in the Lord and not in ourselves. This does not go to say that we don’t take action for where we’ve been guided.

I experienced a life transformational shift from new age deception and spiritual law of attraction life coaching after my friend’s unexpected death. She left me a powerful message. Jesus.

I invite you to watch my first YouTube video about my first experience with death.

Grab a tissue.
Spiritual to Christian Life Coach – My Friend’s Death Saved me – My Testimony.

Here’s a recap of what happened in my 29th year of life that looked like a breakdown but was a breakthrough.

My husband and I had just bought our first house and 2 days after closing, my husband who is young, fit and healthy had 3 massive heart attacks. I thought I was losing him. After my husband experienced heart failure I became determined to find a way to replace his income. This is when I really pushed to create another source of income to provide for our family

After that happened, one of my closest friends who was only 29 years old died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest.

This was the point where I was guided to Jesus by my friends journal that was given to me to read.

Her last journal entry was on the day we reconnected with a verse leading me to Jesus.

Next, my Dad had a double stroke, brain aneurysm and now as a result suffers from short term memory loss. I strongly believe Jesus helped him heal and continues to do so.

Before I knew one month later, my Aunt who was best friends with my Mother (her little sister) was in a tragic car accident and passed away.


Why am I telling you this? Because every incident brought me closer to Jesus. I surrendered my false thinking that I actually controlled any of this.

Manifesting my destiny was soon revealed to me that you don’t need to manifest for your life or your business.

God already has what we desire.
Matthew 6:33
“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness,
and all these things will be added to you.”

This verse has such a deeper meaning than getting what we desire. When we surrender our will for Gods, we allow room for miracles and transformation to happen.

I am quickly realizing just how many people are being pulled into the spiritual new age deception. I’m now honoring our savior and glorifying God in my life and in my business, *fearlessly*.
I confidently lead other women how to create their own online business they love and one that serves others while keeping God at the center.

This is what life is all about. Serving others.

It costs nothing to be the faith and light in someone’s life.

I continue to leverage and apply the power of prayer, faith, and gratitude to my life.

God guided me to massive MIRACLES, health cures, abundance, and fulfillment.
One thing is for sure, I fully embrace and understand that prayer is power. 

I never understood to surrender and allow God to work through me for the plan he had for me.
Instead I thought I had to work for it through these spiritual practices.

I learned to create my life by stepping into the unknown with full complete trust (faith) in the Lord.

Not with crystals. Not with cards.


The truth is, if you have undeniable faith in God, you will see everything you ever wanted come to existence.

So, why My Hippie Life Coach?

Hippie: One who lives an alternative lifestyle, encourages peace,
preaches love (not religion) and chooses to live with freedom.
Tree hugger.
Eats food from the Earth.
Nourishes the soul.

I am nicknamed the “love” baby  out of 9 of us.

Love child, love baby…Hippie was meant to be.

The Hippie life is a happy and simple life.

If you prefer to live with faith and freedom by starting your own online business with my digital marketing experience and unshakable faith,
I invite you to
explore my coaching options




P.S. Below is a video that I was featured in for being creative in my hometown in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Check it out.