10 Top Things You Should Know About Becoming A Life Coach

As 2017 came to an end, I have been reflecting and journaling; all that I have grown though. The year 2017 will go down in history for me. This year will always be one of the most significant years of my life and I pray my upcoming years continue to impact me like this one did. God could not have given me a better 29th year of life! I am arms wide open to embracing the big THREE-OH! 30!

In early 2017, I launched my online life coaching business. This was my first year in business as a life + business coach. The up and downs, the unknowns and the things other coaches don’t tell you about, I wanted to share with you in case you were looking to start a life coaching business.

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This list contains my top most important lessons that I have learned in my first year as a life coach.

If you are thinking about starting a life coaching business, make sure you read this.

1. Don’t take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade places with. Period.

2. Know who your ideal client is. Sure, you can work with everyone however, as a life coach you want to really connect with your target audience to get clients who understand your value, appreciate your expertise and are willing to invest in themselves through you. You aren’t just a coach. You become a guide. You are literally shifting peoples lives! Be cautious on what you are teaching and practicing. Be aware on where your teachings come from.

3. Business and personal life balance must be established early on. Schedule family time, date nights and self-care time. Do things that make your soul feel good. Vacation. Take time off. Have a lazy day. Honor how you feel and be willing to adjust business around YOU. You are a priority.

4. To get results, you’ll need to stay consistent in your online presence. This means, being active on social media. You don’t necessarily have to answer all of your messages, or even open them right away. You can just hop on, make a post, say hello to your group, give a lesson and then hop off. You can stay connected without being connected. 😉

5. Charge for your service based on your experience in your field. You’ll want to specialize in a particular field of life coaching.

6. It’s okay to change your mind 73 times but do it low key and feel it out before announcing it to your client base.

7. Self-investment is going to be your main investment. Education, a mentor, church, a coach, a course, product or anything that is an investment to your growth. Do it. You’ll always be glad that you did. These investments open even more possibilities for you.

8. Accept that you could make unlimited amounts of money if the passion, faith and priority is there. I whole heartedly mean this. (Having a great online presence and a clear marketing message that speaks to your ideal client helps too. 😉

9. Know when to say NO to people and opportunities that don’t serve you and be brave enough to say yes to what calls to you.

10. Pray. Pray for continued guidance and pray for your clients. You will see how God works in aw-inspiring ways.


With love,

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