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Client Testimonials

  • I found Tracy online while I was at a point in my life where I was questioning my faith and about who I am as a person. Tracy Wren cleared mental blocks that I didn’t know I had. My faith gave me the full confidence in the Lord to start my own online business with Tracy’s loving and wise expertise. Because of my strengthened faith – I have 4 women I have been working with for the last few months prior to getting my new business website launched!

    - Renee R.

  • Since working with Tracy I have created my own online business with her marketing experience and guidance. She was with me every step of the way throughout all the marketing and branding. She really helped me to get clear on my vision and made it easy to put it all together. Since hiring Tracy as my coach, my faith has grown tremendously. Tracy is committed to helping you achieve success in all areas of your life!

    - Kailagh K.
  • Tracy uses her marketing experience of building online businesses combined with a faith mindset to build your own online business – one that you love! Tracy’s faith in God is the center of the business and life coaching process that helps other women create their freedom. She is present with you on your journey and keeps you reminded this path is one where we are here to serve others with our God given gifts.

    - Rachel R.
  • Tracy has helped me through many days where I felt like giving up. My faith had been shaken due to trauma in my life & I was inspired by Tracy’s faith to just drop to my knees & try to pray. Thank you for helping me, I believe you have & will continue to help many! 

    - Sara E.
  • Tracy gives me faith in knowing anything is possible. For the first time in my life, I wrote down my goals and I’m excited to start my own business! . C. Williams

    - C. Williams
  • I immediately felt more open to the possibilities of what my life purpose is just from my first call with Tracy!

    - Heidi H
  • Tracy truly is a beautiful person inside and out and has been kind enough to work with me. In her doing so I learned great information about direction to take in my life financially & business wise but also for myself. By her being open, honest and naturally a caring person she allowed for our conversations to open me as a person and give me inspiration, confidence, empowerment and self awareness. 

    - Jessica T.
  • I have found my meaning through the guidance of Tracy. I didn’t realize I was living it all along but she brought it to my attention! I have given my purpose away here and there but since working with Tracy I have created my own business. Without her guidance I’d never know how to get this off the ground! Everyone needs to experience this sense of effortless peace when you are living what you were destined for.

    - Lauren R.

Hello. I'm Tracy,

Tracy Wren prayer is power

I believe your unique life story is meant to be told and you were born to do and create incredible things.
You are the only person in the universe who has your God given story, and your personal life experience.

I have found that once you boldly claim your faith, you will achieve all great things, in all areas of your life.

You become fulfilled.

I leveraged and applied the power of prayer, faith, and gratitude to my life. It led me to massive miracles, health cures, and lifestyle working from home with my 3 children, freely while serving God.

The truth is, when you have undeniable faith you will see everything you ever wanted come to existence.

So, why My Hippie Life Coach?

Hippie: One who lives an alternative lifestyle, encourages peace,
lives by love (not religion) and with freedom.
“God is love” (1 John 4:8) 

I created My Hippie Life Coach after fully owning my God given ability in mentoring others
with the same key elements that I used for my life and business which are;
God first combined with prayer + undeniable faith and showing up to do the work.

I invite you to explore my coaching options.


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